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About Sclera Contacts

For more information about this topic, check out our blog on this topic.

Sclera contacts are 22mm diameter (mini-sclera contacts are 17mm) sterile hydrophilic soft sclera contacts are made with 62% polymacon, 38% water in a sterile environment where they are immersed in buffered saline solution with high oxygen permeability for comfort.

The center of sclera contacts are transparent, or a fine mesh, allowing the wearer to see through the center.  Sclera full eye colored contact lenses are designed to fit most eyes, however some people may find them uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time if they are not used to contact lenses.

Example of Sclera Contact Lenses

"Sclera" contacts should not be confused with "Scleral" contact lenses. The former are a soft fashion accessory and do not contain a fluid reservoir. The latter is an optometric vision altering device requiring a prescription. You can learn more about the difference here:

It should be noted that the devices sold on this site are not technically "contact lenses". A lens is by definition, an optical element which converges or diverges light. Our devices do not alter vision in this way and so cannot technically be considered contact "lenses".

Because they do not alter vision in the way a lens does, they are not a medical device and do not require a prescription for sale. This is the reason why vision altering glasses legally require a prescription from an optometrist, but non-vision altering fancy dress glasses or sunglasses do not. We describe the devices as “contact lenses” purely for marketing purposes to easily communicate with our customers, but they are in fact known as "fashion contacts". 

2 Contact Lenses
CR ESO 9001 Sterile High Oxygen Hydrogel
What's Included in the purchase

All of our contacts are sold as a pair (2 fashion contacts).These will last for 1 year, but are not intended for regular use. It is recommended that they are worn for a maximum of 6 hours at a time, that wearers remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water and carrying eye drops, if necessary.

Sclera contacts are designed to create a striking effect by covering the whole of the visible eye with color or pattern. These full eye colored contacts are very popular in the movie and fashion industries and are the crowning jewel for any costume. Sclera fashion contacts are used in movies such as the whited-out eyes of the monsters in Evil Dead, or blacked-out eyes in Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, or the Star Trek episode Where No Man Has Gone Before. These lenses are used extensively in Cosplay for characters such as X-MenAvatarTokyo GhoulNaruto, Hero Academia, Saw  and many more.  

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