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Wear and Care Guide

Every pair of sclera contacts includes the contact lens solution and a plastic case for storage.

Please watch the video and/or read this guide prior to using your sclera Contacts.Click the links below to learn more:

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Opening Sclera Contacts

  1. On the steel seal at the top of the bottle you will find an arrow pointing upwards.

  2. Lift the cap at this point until you rip a bit part of the steel seal. Continue to pull it around until completely removed.​

  3. Please be very careful when removing sclera contacts from the vial. Do not use any hard or sharp objects to remove the lenses. A cotton bud is an excellent method of taking a lens out of the bottle if it does not come out easily when the solution is poured.

  • If you accidentally break the cap from the steel seal before it is entirely removed, please use scissors to remove the remaining part. The edges can be very sharp so do not try to use your fingers.


Opening Case



Inserting Sclera Contacts

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly using non scented soap and ensure that they are completely dry.

  2. Clean the lenses by putting one carefully on your palm, adding a few drops of sterile contact lens cleaning solution (available at any chemist) on them and rub them gently using cotton buds or your finger.

  3. Place the clean lens onto your index finger.

  4. Check if the lenses are inside out. Sclera contacts have a cup like form as you can see here.

  5. Pull your lower eye lid down using your middle finger. You can pull your upper eye lid using your other hand.

  6. Slowly insert the lenses, sliding it gently up under the upper eyelid. Keep looking straight ahead and try not to blink. It can help to lie on your back during this part.

  7. Blink until comfortably adjusted into place.

  8. Repeat the process to the other eye, if required.

  • Take a 5 minute break if you struggle the first time. Ensure that your hands are dry and add a few drops of contact lens fluid to your eyes to aid lubrication. Don’t give up and try again!

  • If you are planning to wear the sclera lenses for an extended period of time, it is worth carrying a bottle of lens fluid with you. If your eyes become dry or itchy, use a couple of drops in each eye. Your sclera lenses should not be worn for more than 6 hours and absolutely never sleep with sclera lenses in.

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Removing Sclera Contacts

  1. Clean your hands with non-scented soap and prepare a mirror.

  2. Apply contact lens fluid/eye drops liberally to the eye and blink to ensure it is moving freely on the surface of the eye

  3. Looking straight ahead, slowly bring your index finger to your eye until it touches the lenses.

  4. Slide the lens to the white part of your eye allowing you to squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger to remove it. If it does not slide easily, apply more contact lens fluid - do NOT attempt to force it. If force is necessary to remove them then the eye has become dehydrated and applying force to remove them could damage the cornea. 

  5. Repeat with other eye.

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Storing Sclera Contacts

  • After use, transfer the lenses to a lens case and soak the in the multipurpose contact lens cleaning solution (available from any local chemist) for 8 hours. Repeat every time you want to store the lenses.

  • Store the contacts at room temperature in a contact lens case.

  • Put the contact lens in the case before the lens solution and only fill it about half way up. Too much contact lens fluid in the case can cause the lens to float and get caught between the rim and lid of the case, damaging the edge, causing tears or flaking of the rim. (Please be aware that we will not replace contacts damaged in this way, however we will provide a replacement of the damaged lens at a reduced cost which can be purchased from here

  • Periodically refresh the stored contact by replacing the saline in the storage case.

  • Ensure that they are fully submerged in contact lens fluid before closing the lid.

  • Do not wash your contacts or lens case using tap water as this may cause contact with germs. Always use sterile contact lens fluid (available from any local pharmacy) to clean the lenses and lens case and replace the solution after each use to avoid germs growing.

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Safety and Sclera Care


  • STAY HYDRATED!   Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol (which dehydrates) to ensure the eyes/contacts don't dry out. Carry a bottle of contact lens fluid/eye drops with you to ensure hydration. Remember, sclera contacts cover the whole eye and so dry out differently and faster than normal contact lenses.

  • Expiry Dates: Our contact lenses are all a polymer plastic and so will not themselves expire. However, once exposed to the air they should not be kept for longer than 1 year. This is partly due to slow dehydration of the polymer and partly due to risk of bacteria.

    • Glass vials: no expiration prior to opening. ​

    • Plastic sheath with aluminium lid: ensure that the contact is removed from the sheath and stored in fresh contact lens fluid before the expiry date. This is to avoid any long term impacts of the aluminium oxide lid on the saline bath. 

  • Use plenty of saline solution to remove lenses and clean them if you feel any forms of discomfort. There could be dust or tiny particles of grit irritating the surface of the eye.

  • While removing the contact, if it does not slide easily then you should apply more contact lens fluid - do NOT attempt to force it. If force is necessary to remove them then the eye has become dehydrated and applying force to remove them could damage the cornea.

  • NEVER sleep in sclera contacts.

  • NEVER try to put sclera contacts in over normal contact lenses

  • NEVER share your lenses with anyone else no matter how clean you believe they are, they should never be used by more than 1 person due to cross contamination of germs which while may be harmless to you, could cause eye infections to others.

  • Do not wear sclera contacts while swimming, in a steam room or sauna.

Safety & Care
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