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Deadpool Cosplay Costume

Deadpool Sclera

Hi, I'm Wade... But you may know me as Deadpool.


It's not that I don't think you can do this on your own. I t-t-t-totally do. And do you know why? It's because you're fabulous.


OK that's a lie, but you can be. You just need to be like me.

And if you do ever decide to follow your dream and become a crime-fighting shit swizzler, who rooms with a bunch of other little whiners at Neverland Mansion with some creepy, old, bald, Heaven's Gate-looking motherfucker... on that day, I want you to send me a shiny, happy ass a friend request.

So here's how you do me, and not even in the ass.

What You're Going to Need

(The Lazy Ass Way)

Deadpool Costume
The lazy ass way
Deadpool Costume
Deadpool 22mm Scleras
No pressure.
White Mesh Sclera Contact Lens

Or, DIY me baby!

And if you can't handle that, you've got a bad case of the not being awesome.

You might want to have a doctor look at that.

Hit us up with what you've made, and why not enter our competition to win free sclera contacts!

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