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- LUCY -

Introducing Lucy, the female KL9000 android shown for the first time in Chapter 6 of Detroit: Become Human on the PS4.

OK, so maybe it doesn't count as black vampire sclera contacts! because it's an android... But whatever!


It seems that before arriving at Jericho, the android stronghold, Lucy's role was in Social Care.  She was assaulted and severely damaged by a psychotic patient, leaving the entire back of her skull missing; her head's internal cabling is on display, handing down her back and although she was discarded by the humans as dead, she somehow managed to save herself, presumably as Markus did from the scrap heap earlier in the game.

Because of her background, Lucy's psychological simulation module means she is able to pre-compute events, similar to Markus, but over a far longer time meaning she has the ability to predict future events... Perhaps this is why her scleras' are completely black? To imply that she doesn't "see" the same way as other people, or androids, do? Or maybe it's just a defect from the damage she's sustained. We just don't know... Yet. 

We're going to make a guide for a CosPlay of Lucy which use our black vampire sclera contacts ... So watch this space.

If there's anything you can tell us about her, or if you have done a Cosplay of her then drop us a message or get in contact through social media! 


....Free sclera contacts for the first person!

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