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2D From Gorillaz Blog Post

Cosplay Guide:

2-D from Gorillaz

Who is 2-D?

On May 23, 1978, in Crawley, England, 2-D was brought into the world.

His genuine name? Stuart Pot


Stuart was certainly not an exceptionally savvy kid (to be sure, he was frequently portrayed as "somewhat thick"), he was known as a caring individual and had an overall love of music.

When Stuart was 19 his life changed drastically after a Vauxhall Astra crashed into the shop where Stuart had been working. The car hit stuart and caused what is caused a 'hyphema', and he could no longer see through his eye... And then later came back for another try, causing the same to the other eye.

2-D was the first character that Damon and Jamie created for Gorillaz, He was apparently based on Stuart Lowbridge, a long-term friend of the creators of the band.

Ultimately, it was Damon himself who voiced 2-D, and the stylish cartoon musician we know and love was born.

Because of the complex backstory, blue hair and blacked out eyes, 2-D has become a fan favourite for Cosplay and has meant that the character is recognisable even outside of the traditional niche cosplay scene, especially among Millenials who grew up with the music.

The Perfect 2-D Cosplay

Alongside the messy blue hair and a few missing teeth, you've got a few things to up your cosplay.  How about a plaster over the nose, or a cigarette in hand (but don't smoke it!),

2-D is sometimes shown with completely blacked out eyes, and sometimes completely whited out - there doesn't seem to be a fixed standard here, but it means that the choice is yours! Alongside the messy blue hair and blacked out two front teeth, a perfect 2-D cosplay utilised two of our most popular sclera contact lens designs; the Black Sclera Lenses, or the White Mesh Sclera Contacts.

The little extras...


Please do tag us in your social media pictures, or you can always send them to us too!

Good luck with your 2-D cosplay!

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