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Nocturne Sclera Contacts

Black Nocturne Sclera Contacts with Blue burst details (pair with 12 month lifespan)

Black with blue detail 22mm sclera contact lenses which entirely cover the sclera and iris.


These contacts were originally a commission set, made for a water sprite called Nocturne in a theatre production, they are a beautiful pair of lenses, fantastic for a striking fashion and unique strong make up like the example shown here...


The center of these contact lenses are clear meaning no vision obstruction and you can see through them clearly.


Purchase Includes:

- Pair of 22mm Nocturne sclera contact lenses (2 contacts)

- Contact lenses storage case


Delivery will be by USPS or Royal Mail, dispatched worldwide the next working day including to the USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Canada etc (see shipping for more information).


Be sure to read the Wear and Care guide before using these contacts. It also includes details of these contacts, including tips on how to put them in. You should also read the What are Sclera Contacts page to understand the difference between Sclera Contacts and Sclera Contact Lenses

Nocturne Sclera Contacts

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