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Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul Sclera

So, Tokyo Ghoul got HUGE.

To be honest, we here at were a bit behind the times when it did. From our point of view, out of nowhere one of our only averagely popular designs (previously called "Gremlin" just started suddenly growing in popularity:

Tokyo Ghoul Sclera Sales

The Manga and Anime community on were quick to school us! We still struggled to meet demand, but it wasn't a disaster!

But why is Tokyo Ghoul so popular?

Uta Tokyo Ghoul Sclera

The Manga and Anime community on were quick to school us! We still struggled to meet demand, but it wasn't a disaster!  But why is Tokyo Ghoul so popular? We asked Patrick here at for his thoughts...

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay in mask

"In my opinion (Hi, it's Patrick) it's simple - the story and characters. The story is really powerful and (no spoilers!), there are aspects to subtle, but seriously important to that which mean that unless you're paying attention you are going to miss some really cool things. In fact, it can take multiple viewings to really spot the intricacies.

I wasn't sure about it at first. Other than good fights, the story didn't seem to make any sense. Then, I re-watched a particularly epic fight scene and spotted something which tied another character in which I just hadn't realised before - there's a big picture right outside what you're seeing and even if you're paying attention and not playing with your phone, I guarantee you'll miss it the first time around.

It was the character development that really kept me coming back for more. I'm used to the epic fights in Manga and Anime, but there isn't a single character who doesn't add something, and for many of them the emotional arc they take us on is spellbinding. Ken is the best example of this, with a roller coaster of feels from heartbreak to excitement it's that's what really sets this apart... In my opinion."

(Edited to add: "Oh and btw another thing... Wow, the music!")

We recommenend RoleCosplay for decent quality cosplay costimes of Tokyo Ghoul characters, and you can pick up our Tokyo Ghoul Sclera contacts now (they're on sale!).

Kaneki Ken Mask
Ghoul Sclera Eye
Kaneki Ken Wig

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